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Update for 2012

I have been working consistenly since the beginning of the year; a couple of outside jobs in the village where I live and one other just up the road. Two of them went very well but the 3rd got rain on the surface just a few hours after I had finished which ended up with streaks – it then took a further 8 days waiting for the rain to stop before I could repaint it. All finished now and it looks great and for the second time the customer is pleased.

I also had to do a house in Frome that was up for sale, the bathroom had mould which took a lot of work to remove but now it looks perfect.

Another job was a house in Codford which after many years without any external redecoration needed an awful lot of work on the outside, the results caused quite a stir. Many people commented on how good the house looked, I was stopped in the village a few weeks after the work had been finished and asked if I was the guy who had transformed the property, and was given the thumbs up for the finish, I did not know the person who had approached me!

I have just been working on two farms in May and June, the first in Brokerswood was unbelievable I can only describe it as a set from Miss Haversham’s house in Great Expectations. It was as if someone had closed the door twenty years earlier and had just opened the door in 2012. In fact when I first saw the residence I wasn’t sure how I could possible bring it up to date and when they told me their budget I was really sceptical. After giving it some thought I set out some options and they increased the budget and I did a great job for them, see for yourself the photo’s are in the gallery.

The job I am on now is in Mudford near Yeovil, which is turning out to be a bit of everything: outside work – painting, inside – wallpapering and painting an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, hallway and stairs. I am almost finished and the family think the work I have done is great, a huge transformation. Look out for a testimonial from them!



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