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Posted at 04:41 am, Wednesday, 17 February 2010

When not working my days are spent either looking for work or doing something for work.

I finished the job in Wincanton on Friday and since then I have been meeting other people.

Tuesday: I met up with Chris who runs a business a bit like mine in Bath, we had a long talk to see if we were on the same wavelength and he asked me to quote for a job of his. This is a difficult part of pricing, he has a job that he wants someone else to do but he also wants to make some money from it. I have to look at 3 things, what the customer will pay, what is a fair price for me, what can Chris add on and the customer is still happy to pay. If one of us gets greedy or both do, then we just don't get the job, the knock on effect is we don't get repeat work from the customer, their family or friends.

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