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Posted at 05:37 am, Monday, 22 February 2010

I heard over the weekend that Chris and I got the paint job in Bath and they are looking for a start date just as the snow starts tumbling out of the sky, nice time for outdoor work.

I had this great idea this morning, I was thinking back to when I was a kid and yes I know it was a long time ago, I remember painting my bedroom navy blue and white in my football teams club colours and I was thinking of creating a wall and at the top of that wall would be the colours of the club shirt in the middle or just below that the colour of the club shorts and at the bottom the colour of the club socks and in the middle of the wall the clubs crest or badge. This could be for a birthday present as it would not be cheap to do. So mums and dads if you want to give your kid a present with a difference give me a call.  

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